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Bug Report: On start up I could interact with cards and ships before clicking the galaxy thing to start a run. Not sure if it is intended but it doesn't seem to be.
Same thing happens when I'm at the choose the next "map" after the encounter. You can accidentally click on the cards popping up instead of the "map" you want to choose.
Also the map select stuff is rather hard to see on the background. 
There is also a blue shimmering line stuck on the screen with some very faint hexagons around it.  
Also had a card stuck as if I was hovering over it while my mouse was else where and could never play that card. Other cards still worked and it went away when I shuffled. 
The little death X plays before the missiles connect 
I am playing it though a windows emulator so that may be the problem, not sure though. 

Thanks, I'll look into it.

Is there a way to make the game window bigger? It's very small on my screen. My laptop's resolution is about 111 pixels per centimetre, so your game is barely seven centimetres high! I have plenty of room to make it 2 or 3 times bigger if you let me resize the window.

Window size is based on resolution, you can change that in the video options menu.

Oh, perfect! I didn't know there was an options menu. (any other commenters reading this, press Esc)

The text is still unreadably small. Is there a way to increase the size of the font? Or to scale the window without creating a lot of empty space?

You mean text on the cards I guess? I'll look into ways to make that scale according to resolution. Can you by any chance post a screenshot for how the game looks for you?

Ok I made some adjustments to how the UI layer is handled when changing resolution. Let me know if the problem persists on 0.303.