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Your body has been destroyed and your mech is heavily damaged. But your combat AI, barely keeping your brain alive, devises a way to control the bot from beyond the grave, with a single binary input. Press (space) to finish your mission.

The original version was made in 48 hours with GDevelop for GMTK Jam 2019.

The theme was "only one" so the goal here was to make a full 2d action move set controlled with only one button. The entire game art is also made from only one sprite, but with some liberties taken in how that one sprite is fed into the game. The color palette is also monochromatic and based on only one color.

And finally the game has only one enemy that pursues you through the three zones, a continuous boss fight that evolves over the course of the game.

The result is a game about deliberate inputs and keeping your cool. Mash the button and you will run into walls a lot or dash right into attacks. But once you master the controls and you'll feel like a true mech master, all while just pressing a single key.


  • Adaptive UI shows your current button combo and the resulting action
  • 6 mech moves to learn and master
  • 7 boss attacks for you to evade and counter
  • (Redux) Mech upgrades that enhance your moveset
  • Partially destructible environments
  • Randomly generated levels
  • Three zones with changing geography that get more difficult to traverse

Controls and guide (mild spoilers):
Tap (Space): Short dash, 1 tile forward
Tap (Space) x2: Long dash, 2 tiles forward
(you are invincible while dashing)

Tap (Space) and hold: Deploy shield
(blocks projectiles, but will not protect against enemy beams)

 Tap (Space)x2 and hold: Charge jet jump, release (Space) to boost upwards
(combine with dash to traverse obstacles)

Tap (Space)x3 and hold: Auto-aim railgun, release (Space) to fire
(will stun boss for a couple seconds and interrupts attacks)

(Redux) Tap (Space)x3: Lock on with up to 4 homing missiles
(will stun enemies for a short time and interrupts attacks)
(will take down enemy drones with a couple hits)

PlatformsWindows, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Made withGIMP, GDevelop, Audacity
Tags2D, Colorful, Difficult, Mechs, one-button, Tactical
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityOne button


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