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How do we change resolution? For me it spread across both monitors making it unplayable. This was on Linux btw.

You can go into the for_streaming.txt file and set force_res to 1, that will use whatever x/y you put into the other fields as res. However the game might just not work well with dual monitors. Turning one screen off or playing in forced res with fullscreen off could be a workaround.


Looks really fun


-Sector names now change color to better contrast with current zone
-Zone 4 is less bright now
-Fixed some irregularities with installation health
-Fixed 4 techs being unavailable (previously defaulting to Resonance Pulse)
-Fixed derelicts spawning too close to hazard zone instant kill distance
-Fixed loot chests being able to spawn inside installation 1


absolutely a blast. Give it some more roguelike, maybe multiplayer, better graphics, and I can tell you this game will fucking sell


Suggestion: make the railgun a gimbal mount, aiming it with the arrow keys is just cancerous


Is this single player? Looks like it could be amazing with 2 people


Epic! another amazing game, from an amazing dev!