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58 shmup style shot graphics that should cover a lot of things that can be fired at or by your player.


  • Simplified design pattern helping with easily identifying individual shot types
  • Cohesive three colours used across all shots (for border, colour, highlight)
  • Available in four overarching colour patterns (orange, red, green and blue; pico8 based)
  • Available as sheets and individual sprites
  • Includes .psd master files that lets you customize the shots to your liking
  • 2 to 1 pixel ratio
  • 64x64 - 96x96 frame size, some long shots are up to 64x160

Content Listing

  • 24 complex shots, including pulsing, revolving and flaming animations (4-10 frames)
  • 4 circular shots (2 frames)
  • 7 rectangular shots (2 frames)
  • 6 grenades (2 frames)
  • 4 missiles (4 frames with seperate boost animations)
  • 3 rockets (2 frames)
  • 5 mines (2 frames)
  • 3 bombs (2 frames)
  • 1 impact (8 frames)


All shots come with at least two frames per sprite, allowing you to have them alternate their highlights and draw more attention while retaining their design consistency. The complex shots go through a more extensive anim cycle. All shots have some subtle glow that should make them stand out better from backgrounds.

Contact: stefan@sleepergames.com



Buy Now$4.00 USD or more

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