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Disclaimer: What you see here is the original jam prototype for Swirl W@tch, now called Swirl W@atch: Perimeter. A prequel of sorts that is more action oriented. Swirl W@tch itself  release on 17.04.2023 and has developed into a fairly different and more complex game that is also more stealth oriented. The jam version prequel you see here will remain unchanged. If you enjoyed this version then I hope you will also give the full release a try.

Stefan - Sleeper Games

Deep within the pressure-hell of resource rich gas giants, the Floatoid Swirl Watch patrols the field-stabilized zones to keep pirates at bay and refinery installations save.

Swirl Watch is a top-down space-combat game where stealth and detection play a key role. Your opponent's can't detect you unless you emit engine or weapon noise, but you won't be able to see them as well unless you ping them with active sonar.

Play with your prey as you both slip in and out of stealth, ambush unsuspecting ships with a precision strikes, drift past swarms of missiles while silent running or go loud and engage contacts head on with missile barrages. But make sure to keep your cargo ships and installations save, else they'll need to spend your earned salvage on repairs instead of making ship upgrades for you.

The original version was made in 48 hours or Global Game Jam 2021. (The theme was lost and found.) The Redux version was released a week after and added player missile, level progression, the upgrade system as well as a final challenge and ending to the game. The game takes place in the same universe as Hyperspace Dogfights.

Music is by Bio Unit/Metre.

Palette is Funky Future 8 by @Shamaboy11

Current Features (Redux)
-Top down detection-based combat with flashy visuals
-Sonar and sound propagation system that governs how and if ships can see another
-2 ship weapons that allow to tackle combat situations in various ways
-Over 20 ship upgrades that allow for different builds
-4 different zones that have you travel from an icy orbit down to the gas-giants burning core
-Various enemy types with rapidly increasing challenge in later levels

How to Play

Pro Tips

  • Your sonar pulse has less "resolution" the further it travels. Repeated scans might be necessary to make sure a vector is clear if you are looking for something far away.
  • Torpedoes will stop tracking you the moment you go quiet and instead swivel towards your last known position. Each torpedo has an X that marks it's current destination.
  • Sector names go alphabetical from left to right and increase numerically from top to bottom. Use this in conjunction with reports from friends to ambush enemies.
  • You will loose salvage if cargo friends are destroyed or the installation takes too much damage. Less salvage means fewer upgrades, so keep them save.
  • Accordingly, make sure you identify contacts before blasting them. Missile launches and other weapon activity is a dead giveaway that something is hostile though.
  • A full missile barrage is enough to destroy a skiff, but requires the target to be fully identified in order to lock on. Moving targets need to be tracked with sonar to update missile targeting.
  • The railgun can fire at things you can't see and will even deal double damage if your target is detected but you are not.
  • Exploring the hazard zone beyond the bouys can sometimes pay off.
PlatformsWindows, Linux
Release date Dec 15, 2022
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
Made withGDevelop, Audacity, Aseprite, GIMP
TagsAtmospheric, Difficult, gdevelop, imersive-sim, Lo-fi, Retro, Sci-fi, Stealth, Top down shooter
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Version 0.335
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Won on my sixth attempt. This one was extremely fun! Really feel where the roots come from, and it was a blast even more than Opponent One. Having Cargo Friends work as your scouts and relays was an unexpected and interesting feature, and I wonder why it didn't show up as an upgrade later. What a joyful experience, and even though it ended up not being anything like SW, which again is my favorite Sleeper Games game, it was still great! I do recommend for a few hours of fun! Do note that Metallic H-core text is hard to read, so get near some clouds to know where Hero went.

Absolutely wonderful game! Although I did not find stealth to be a major part of the game - preferring to go in engines blazing and dodging the missiles. Either way, it's quite a fun and challenging game! Please do take this idea furthur!

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Thanks, I'm now working on a full commercial release for the game that will indeed have a stronger stealth focus, to be released near the end of the year.

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How do we change resolution? For me it spread across both monitors making it unplayable. This was on Linux btw.

You can go into the for_streaming.txt file and set force_res to 1, that will use whatever x/y you put into the other fields as res. However the game might just not work well with dual monitors. Turning one screen off or playing in forced res with fullscreen off could be a workaround.


Looks really fun


-Sector names now change color to better contrast with current zone
-Zone 4 is less bright now
-Fixed some irregularities with installation health
-Fixed 4 techs being unavailable (previously defaulting to Resonance Pulse)
-Fixed derelicts spawning too close to hazard zone instant kill distance
-Fixed loot chests being able to spawn inside installation 1


absolutely a blast. Give it some more roguelike, maybe multiplayer, better graphics, and I can tell you this game will fucking sell


Suggestion: make the railgun a gimbal mount, aiming it with the arrow keys is just cancerous


Is this single player? Looks like it could be amazing with 2 people


Epic! another amazing game, from an amazing dev!