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Swirl W@tch takes stealth infiltration to a fresh new setting. In the dense atmosphere of Cloud 2, ships can only detect each other by laser light or by listening to engine noises and sonar echoes. The perfect environment for sneaking past security and sabotaging cloud-refineries, as a desperate final attempt to bring down your corporate oppressors.


Play with your prey as you and the guards slip in and out of stealth. Tail ships, intercept communications, set traps and ambush unsuspecting vessels with precision strikes. Or incapacitate and board them to gain intel, funds and captives, to be exchange for new Swirl W@tch members. Counter and exploit complex guard behaviors, all generously telegraphed by your ships predictive tactics AI. Complete different objectives across multiple zones, but always watch your noise circles and lidar profile. Unlike you, CorPo doesn’t take prisoners.


Gain public support on Cloud 2 by capturing crews and freeing their servants from “mandatory internships” (indentured servitude). Grow the Swirl W@tch movement to unlock new weapons, gadgets, upgrades and ships. Spend your deployment budget on custom loadouts that can include any of the 100+ items you have available, or go in with less equipment and raid production facilities for cheaper, random gear.

Swirl W@tch is in active development and is planned to release in February 21st 2023.  

The game also has an original game jam prototype called Swirl W@tch: Perimeter that you can play for free here on itch, but the final version of Swirl W@tch itself will be vastly different.

This game is part of the Hyperspace Anthology, together with ---Red---Tether-->. The Hyperspace Anthology is planned to include several top down space games that share a similar artstyle and perspective, but explore widely different genres.

The game also takes place in the same universe as Hyperspace Dogfights.
Music is custom made by Rrrrrose Azerty.  Palette is Funky Future 8 by @Shamaboy11

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StatusIn development
Release date 51 days ago
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Made withGIMP, GDevelop, Audacity
TagsAtmospheric, gdevelop, immersive-sim, Roguelite, scifi, Space, Stealth, Top down shooter, underwater
Average sessionAbout an hour


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