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Hyperspace Dogfights

Jet-combat roguelite, occasionally with swords. · By sleeper_games


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The Hyperspace Harvest Pre-Alpha Is Here!
Greetings Aces! Hyperspace Dogfights is still doing strong on itch, feels good to see so many new people checking out the game. There is a 40% discount for a co...
Announcing Hyperspace Harvest!
After many months of prototyping and updates for HDog I have now settled on a Sleeper Games’ next project. Hyperspace Harvest has been in development on and o...
Hyperspace Dogfights 1.15: No Masters is live!
Attention All Aces The 1.15 update just dropped on all platforms! New endgame content awaits if you can manage to beat the game with at least 3 Technophages act...
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Hyperspace Dogfights 1.15: No Masters is in the works
I though I was done with this game, but then I read through some reviews and that page long lore discussion on the discord and when I got stuck thinking about a...
HDog Ace Access 0.901: Vis-Light
HDog Alpha 0.901 (Vis-Light) is here, focusing on jet build choices and loot management. The loot system has been re-organized, with chests now having color-cod...
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HDog Ace Access 0.851: Radio Waves
HDog Alpha 0.801 (Radio Waves) is shipped, focusing on wave goal variety and UI improvements. Happy new year to all you aces. HDog welcomes you with another up...
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HDog Ace Access 0.801: Gamma-Ray
HDog Alpha 0.801 (Gamma-Ray) is here, featuring new bosses, new music, new end-game content and a lot of small tunage Oh no, that took four months. I got distra...
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HDog Ace Access 0.741: X-Ray
HDog Alpha 0.7405 X-Ray is shipped. This update focused on zone and enemy variety. New Zones! There are five new zone types for you to fight in. Only half the p...
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