A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

The whale is sick, dear child. Grow crops on its skin. Fight cells in its flesh. This is your purpose in this world. For the whale is god and it is sick and you are the remedy.

After one year of development, an early (and by now very outdated) version of Hyperspace Harvest is finally ready for release! You can play the prototype  for free and I'm looking forward to hear your feedback.

Please note that the game is still very far from completion and lacks a lot in terms of content. You might find thing that are broken or straight up unfinished or just badly explained. Most of the core systems are implement, but there is somewhat little content to fill these. Especially the farming portion of this farming game is still very slim, while the action portion is a bit more substantial. Also some basic stuff like a title screen and an options menu are missing. You can customize the game settings by editing the .config file though. There is a devlog with additional notes on what is most glaringly missing.

I hope you enjoy your initial whale-farming experience!


Engineer and mod crops, tools, gear and weapons!
Create your own strands of plants to grow on your whale farm and optimize your crop builds according to preferences/playstyle. Modify weapon creatures with a wide variety of sub-mods, change your tools performance for specific tasks and even alter your own body with bio-engineered symbionts.

Fresh farming in a fresh setting!
Explore the surface of the whale across its season-like life cycle of continuous death and rebirth. Use your multitool in skill-driven minigames to clear cancerous overgrowth, infected feather trees and mineral crustations. Grow self-made crops on the hex-skin of the whale and discover hidden interactions between plants, tiles and native vegetation. (A system inspired by Permaculture, a real life concept about crop synergies.)

Juicy dungeon crawling!
Explore the different anatomic regions of the whale and fight various diseased cells, constructs and hardlight entities that have turned against their host. Use a wide variety of modifiable weapon creatures, both for melee and ranged combat. Make use of your Vet-Suit's superior mobility and manage suit energy to charge shields and weapons.

Streamlined UI and Mechanics!

  • Universal tesseract inventory! No need to search through a dozen chests to find that one piece of gold ore.
  • Your whaler tool is a single item that adapts to tasks you want to carry out, but will still be upgradable in individual areas.
  • The time management aspect of the farming portion of the game does not interfere with the other core systems. Dungeon crawling only advances time when clearing a room and time of day pauses completely while modding gear, giving you the freedom to experiment and exploring possible builds at your own time.
  • I hope you like smells cause the game constantly tells you the current odor of your surrounding (with more gameplay implications in the future).


Hyperspace Harvest Prototype Windows.zip 305 MB
Hyperspace Harvest Prototype Linux.tar.gz 308 MB
Version 0.202b Jan 13, 2021

Development log