Pre-Alpha Version 0.202

Thanks for all the feedback and bug reports so far! I didn't expect the game to get that many eyes on it to be quite honest, it even showed up one the itch frontpage. So here's a quick patch to iron out some of the quirks that have been discovered. There where no major crash issues reported, but a few softlocks have been fixed. There is also an elusive save game bug that I still need to reproduce. I added a save_log system in order to get to get the bottom of this. If you have issues with missing items after re-launching the game please send me your save_log.txt.

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Stefan - Sleeper Games

Version 0.202 (Pre-Alpha)
Bug Fixes
-Improved dungeon wall collision to counteract wall stuck situation
-Improved player directional collider size to counteract wall stuck situation
-Fixed missing directional collision checks on slide and roll
-Fixed missing movement bonus on dash (aka slide into roll)
-Fixed cam shake problems when near the edge of a cell
-Fixed farm structures not blocking seed placement correctly
-Fixed player being able to interact with rebirth room escape rope before bursting free
-Fixed player being able to place seeds on triangle selector in adjacent tiles as along as mouse cursor is still on a plowed tile -Fixed sprinklers and crowsquid checks executing again if farm cell is re-entered during the same day
-Fixed scare-eyes not scaring crow squids appropriately (?)
-Fixed individual crowsquids not loosing their remaining nibble attempts if landing in scare-eyes range
-Fixed various problems causing sprinklers to interfere with the irrigation trial
-Fixed a tool softlock caused by attempting to aim again while reeling in a parasite
-Fixed a tool softlock caused by player being able to initialize a rock while another one is still crumbling
-Fixed a scenario where player becomes locked out of mining if drill overheats
-Fixed some tooltips displaying the wrong mouse button
-Fixed player entering cells in running state if key is held during cell transition
-Fixed newly placed object on farm not taking on current light level color
-Fixed crafting recipe tooltips not despawning icons correctly if changing inventory screen or exiting inventory
-Fixed crafting recipe tooltips graying out icons regardless of requirement being met
-Fixed botched grading text when missing a plow
-Fixed bad shade-tile behavior during dusk hours
-Fixed drill overheat not counting as a drill attempt
-Fixed canceling mining before drill has spun up counting as a bad drill attempt -Various small things
-Fixed some typos

-Game now supports Linux
-Added log file to better track save state issues
-Added version display on launch
-Added save-in-progress icon during day intermission
-Conversation boxes now spawn at their final size and only scale with distance to the speaker
-Clicking a full conversation text when only a ">>>" or "X" option is available now also advances/ends the conversation
-Increased mining heat gain rate
-Slightly increased irrigation speed requirement
-Melee key now has you switch between your melee and ranged loadout
-Loadout key (1) now does the same if you already have a weapon drawn -Modified energy bars to contrast better with specific background tiles
-Drill release accuracy now affects damage dealt to rock
-Whaler tool now magnetizes to rock while mining, counteracting situations where screenshake might trigger drill canceling due to bad angle
-Added custom tiles to mark cabin and mall exit a bit more clearly
-Vetai conversations trigger earlier after entering a cell (most likely cause of missing farming tips etc)
-Larger hitboxes on rocks and overgrowth
-Disabled death gear loss penalty during missions
-Combat enemy spawn limits are applied more rigorously now
-Door blocker platelets and blood clots are now immune to energy leeching
-Added custom cursor for plow aiming
-Added custom cursor and tooltip for pod interactions to make it more clear what these entail
-Vetai now projects mission lvl on dungeon hub doors, even while platelets still block the door
-Praf and Guin now auto initiate conversation when you approach them to make early bio code acquisition a bit more obvious
-Reverted mall to it's more lonely state
-Game now defaults to launching in windowed mode


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whoever made this good job 


WOOOOOO UPDATE!!! Congrats on the good work!

Hi, I tried this for linux but are not able to startup. exits with:

./ExeLinux: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory.

I just extracted the gz to a directory do I have to do something else before starting? I'm on Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS

Hm not sure, might be a permission problem. I uploaded another build just now, can you try that? Also maybe try running the Hyperspace Harvest script in the game folder instead of the exe thing. I remember people having the same issue with my other game and over there this did the trick. For reference:

Thanks, the script has brought me a step further. It sets the library path to the base dir of the game. But still when trying to start the following error appears:

./ExeLinux: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I searched for but this seems to be missing and was not coming with the download.

The new download I cannot open at all. It seems that the gz contains another gz that cannot be extracted.

Ok I just did another push, can you check whether that unpacks? Also added a link to that missing file in the script.

Okay, I get it to work now. Your build is fine but on newer ubuntu versions, the libpng12-0 is not available anymore and one has to install it manually. 

For others that face this problem, follow the instructions here: