Welcome to the Hyperspace Harvest Pre-Alpha!

After one year of development, an early version of Hyperspace Harvest finally ready for release! It comes in the form of a free pre-alpha to gather some initial feedback. The game is planned to develop into a more complete test version on Steam early access or playtest in 2011, although the exact form of that isn't decided yet. Future versions and Linux support will also come to itch of course.

Please note that the game is still very far from completion and lacks a lot in terms of content. You might find that is broken or straight up unfinished. Most of the core systems are implement, but there is somewhat little content to fill these. And some stuff is still pretty clunky or badly explained.

Bug reports are welcome, but please note that I probably won't update the pre-alpha excessively. That needs a lot of time and I'm more interested in broader, general feedback right now, to steer the overall design into a better path. The game is planned to go through a one year update cycle in 2021, with major updates matching the seasons. So the spring update (birth season ingame) will be the next major release. I'll post a proper roadmap for the game soon.

I'll got into a bit more detail of what is missing now, but I you plan to play try the pre-alpha then please do so first, since your unaltered feedback is pretty valuable to me. Also minor spoilers ahead.
You played the alpha? Ok cool. <3

Stuff I'm aware off:

- The initial pacing of the game is pretty whack since it goes right from story beats into 'here's how to cut down a tree'. Tutorial stuff will get moved around in the final version since you'll need to make your first tool from bio code. Exiting the inner shore for the first time will be gated behind the resource gathering tutorials.

- Speaking of which, the tree cutting minigame is too convoluted in comparison to the other resource gathering and will get another rework. The UI will get simplified and it probably won't require player positioning anymore, just rhythm and aim.

- Right now only 1 crop strand, 2 ranged weapon strand and 1 melee strand are working correctly. Also some of the mods alternate functions have tooltips and can be plugged in, but don't actually take effect. That'll get addressed in the first major update. New lines of gear and crops will get added over time.

- Overall the sell and buy prices are still very unbalanced and will get overhauled.

- There is too little opportunity to make money aside from selling crops, which money-locks the player quite strongly in the beginning. The final game will have forageable stuff and more 'fish' to catch to alleviate this. Also cool bird Praf might leave you some crop code at the start of every season to counteract situations in which you don't have any farming options.

- In the final game you'll be able to mod your tool, allowing it to harvest higher tier resources which also opens up more of the game world and crafting section.

- Dungeon progression isn't telegraphed very well right now. I the future I want to draw more attention to the player being able to move to the next room.

- Combat is somewhat limited in that your character can't be altered beyond weapons right now. In the final game you'll be able to mod your suit in regards to health, shields, dodge and movement. Different suit mods will allow you to generate suit energy in various ways and there'll be additional ways to regenerate suit energy.

- Melee deflection and overall combo progression will get reworked and melee staggers will have stronger role.

With that out of the way let me know what you think of the game so far. The easiest way to give feedback is through the game's discord: https://discord.gg/9Qsh5uuVBg
But you can also reach me by mail via stefan@sleepergames.com or on twitter @Sleeper_Games

Lets make this game the best it can be!

Stefan - Sleeper Games


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Dec 28, 2020

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