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---Red---Tether--> is an action-packed “combat-puzzle” roguelite. You will tear apart massive space fleets, using nothing but your advanced tether harpoons. Pull and crash ships into another, rip their components off, then grapple-swing your way out of danger.

The game takes place in the same universe as Hyperspace Dogfights.

Music is by Soft and Furious. Palette is CYBEAR9 by Ursuh.


  • Tether-based space combat that revolves entirely around linking yourself with opponents or them with each other.
  • Crash massive vessels into another using your tether’s contracting force.
  • Rip off enemy weapons and attachments with well placed harpoons.
  • Gain superior maneuverability by swinging around vessels.
  • Use your ship as a battering ram by slamming yourself into the opposition.
  • Learn to counter various fleet elements, including attack ships, support crafts and logistic units.
  • Fight through 50+ pre-made waves, or face randomly generated fleets in endless mode.
  • Clash with 16+ massive boss enemies and turn them into screen-filling explosions.
  • Adapt to enemy defenses and maybe even turn them against your opponents.
  • Avoid or exploit various hazards like fuel spills, electrified hulls or coolant clouds.
  • Unlock 6+ player ships that offer distinct playstyles, advantages and challenges.
  • Improve your craft with 70+ stackable ship and tether upgrades.
  • Discover 10+ star system zones and the new enemies they throw at you.
  • Piece together the games lore by finding black boxes among all the ship-debris.
  • Extensive game customization and assist options.
  • Basic controller support.


Buy Now
On Sale!
10% Off
$12.99 $11.69 USD or more

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Red Tether Windows.zip 474 MB
Red Tether Linux.zip 478 MB

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